Bambo Nature Dream Diapers – Disposable

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Denmark-based Bambo Nature diapers are the safest, most responsible diapers on the market. They are also the top-pick of Maia’s private consulting clients.


What Makes This Good Stuff

Denmark-based Bambo Nature diapers are the safest, most responsible diapers on the market. They are also the top-pick of Maia’s private consulting clients, including actress Jordana Brewster, who continues to use them on her son, Julian after Maia recommended them to her. Of course, Maia tries to get her clients to use cloth diapers, but isn’t often successful, especially since she no longer is using them herself. At least she feels less guilty using Bambo Nature diapers.

We are thrilled to offer Gimme the Good Stuff customers the opportunity to subscribe to Bambo diapers.

Unfortunately, Bambo diapers can only be shipped to the contiguous U.S.

Bambo Nature Dream Diapers from Gimme the Good Stuff

Here’s what makes Bambo different:

  1. Bambo is the only diapers certified to be 100% free of chemicals and all known allergens. This means that no chemicals are used during raw material sourcing and production, and
  2. that there are no toxins on the diaper itself.
  3. Bambo diapers are free of all additives, including dyes, inks, latex, glues, perfumes (even essential oils), preservatives, lotions, plant extracts, etc.
  4. Bambo guarantees that they are environmentally friendly, and have voluntarily elected to undergo strict, rigorous environmental inspections of entire lifecycle of their diapers, from raw material to production to consumption to waste. Inspections include a review of all raw material suppliers, business partners, distributors, and subsidiaries.
  5. Abena, the company that produces Bambo diapers,  only uses state-of-the-art renewable raw materials.  The wood used for the pulp in the diapers is derived from sustainable forestry (where more trees are planted than felled). Tree farms are carbon sinks where the trees absorb CO2 from the air.
  6.  Abena is remarkably open and transparent, and they publish a complete list of ingredients, including a Health Certificate and Life Cycle Assessment.
  7. Abena manufactures Bambo Nature in Denmark with machines that they own and operate. Almost all other “eco-friendly” diapers are made in China.
  8. Bambo diapers actually work as well as Pampers. Bambo Nature is designed to reduce the likelihood of rash. These diapers are 100% breathable, highly absorbent, well-fitting, soft, not bulky, and features a wrapped core, which concentrates absorption where it’s most needed, and uses less raw materials by reducing waste.
  9. Bambo Nature diapers have earned the following awards and certifications:
    Nordic Swan Eco-label, The Forest Stewardship Council Label, The Dermatologically Tested Label, Asthma & Allergy Association, ISO 14001 Certification.
  10. Bambo Nature is a signator of the UN Global Compact.
  11. Bambo Nature was rated the #1 Best Diaper in the U.S. by, and the Most Eco-Friendly Diaper at

NOTE: This product ships directly from the manufacturer, usually within 48 hours of order receipt. Because this item ships directly from the manufacturer we are unable to provide any express shipping service for this product

** This brand is shipped directly from the manufacturer only to the contiguous United States. Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Canada. **



1 (4-9 pounds/216 diapers), 2 (7-13 pounds/192 diapers), 3 (9-18 pounds/174 diapers), 4 (15-31 pounds/162 diapers), 5 (27-40 pounds/150 diapers), 6 (35+ pounds/144 diapers)



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