White Lotus Organic Wool Pillows

Organic Wool pillows offer something for everyone, with customizable firmness, natural flame and pest-resistant properties.



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GOTS Organic Wool Pillow in GOTS Organic Case

Organic Wool pillows offer something for everyone, with customizable firmness, natural flame and pest-resistant properties, and an incredible ability to be insulative and breathable at the same time. Encased in soft and smooth organic Sateen Cotton, these wool pillows can be fluffed, refilled, and reused for years to come.

Available in sizes from travel to body pillows, White Lotus Home carries a wool pillow for everyone.

Wool from Happy Sheep!

Traceable, Farm to Market Wool from Happy Sheep in NZ

When you purchase any White Lotus Home wool product or bulk wool fibers, you can rest assured you’re receiving a high quality product you can trust. Grown in New Zealand from free range, pasture-fed sheep, then processed right here in the USA, all of their wool is scoured using only gentle NPEO-free detergents without bleach. It then goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure its integrity.

These GOTS certified organic wool pillows are naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, and require no flame retardant chemical treatments to be safe. Wool is comfortable in the summer and winter, thanks to its natural insulative properties.

Best for hot/sweaty sleepers who want a soft, fluffy pillow, topper, or duvet.

GOTS Organic Wool – Best for hot/sweaty sleepers who want a soft, fluffy pillow. Also a good fit for people with allergies.

🌥 Medium softness/firmness

🌱 Naturally antimicrobial & dust mite resistant

🌤 Comfortable year-round, from the cold of winter to the heat of summer months

🌿 Encased in soft, smooth, luxurious organic Sateen Cotton

🐑 Stuffed with wool from ethically raised sheep

👌 Hand-stuffed to avoid lumps & customizable so you can find the perfect firmness

💧 Naturally flame retardant – no chemicals here

Zippers for Custom Firmness

Not sure how firm you like your pillows? Get your pillow with a zippered case, and add or remove filling to suit your own preferences. Simply store any excess material in a moisture and pest-proof container, or order more wool.

The Organic Cotton Sateen fabric used in this product is GOTS Certified and Imported.

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Body Pillow 20×72, Body Pillow Jr 20×54, Euro pillow (26×26), King Firm 20×36, King Medium 20×36, King Soft 20×36, Queen Firm 20×30, Queen Medium 20×30, Queen Soft 20×30, Standard Firm 20×26, Standard Medium 20×26, Standard Soft 20×26, Toddler pillow (13×18), Travel Pillow 12×16


no zipper, with zipper


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