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11 Gifts for Moms and Mother Figures

I hope you’ll be able to see your moms and mother figures in real life this year. If you’re lucky enough to see these special women, you’ll find 11 gift ideas below…

(Please note that anything you’d like to buy from our store should be ordered by May 1st to ensure that it is delivered in time.)

Luxe Hand Serum (That Also Sanitizes)

beautycounter hand sanitizer

This hydrating serum softens hands while sanitizing with a toxin-free formula that meets CDC guidelines. $32.

Organic Cotton Underwear

knickey gimme the good stuff

Soft, safe, and available in some fun new colors. $13.

Prettiest, Most Genius Pan

Always Pan Terracotta

This beautiful toxin-free pan has a brilliant built-in spoon rest. Right now, you can get $30 off with code GOODTASTE30. $145.

Portable Red Light for Healthier Skin

MitoMIN Red Light from Gimme the Good Stuff
The skin-rejuvenating effects of red light therapy are well-established, and now there is a portable, affordable way to reap the many benefits. $199. (Read our RLT guide).

Beauty Chocolates

Sakara beauty chocolates gimme the good stuff

These delicious chocolates are clinically proven to improve skin moisture, texture, and elasticity in two weeks and contain just one gram of sugar. $45.

Clean CBD Oil

Blends include Sleep, Calm, Relief, Focus, and Desire. Normally $79, now $59 for Mother’s Day.

Fresh Flowers

The bouqs bouquet gimme the good stuff

These flowers come from eco-friendly farms that minimize waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices. From $39.

Fancy Toothbrush That Won’t End Up in a Landfill

PEARLBAR Electric Toothbrush from Gimme the Good Stuff

Whitens teeth, promotes gum health, and is planet friendly. $119.

Custom Artwork

Trilingual Mom Print Minted Gimme the Good StuffAll prints are created by independent artists, customized with your own photo and inscription. From $38.

Provenance Meals Feel-Good Fix

Provenance+Meals+-+Feel+Good+Fix+-gimme the good stuff

A 3-day program that resets your health with healing foods and revitalizing beverages. Ships nationwide. $198.

Special Mother’s Day Collection of Natural Wines

Mothers Day Dry Farm Wine gimme the good stuffA collection of natural, lab-tested, toxin-free wine, delivered to her (or your!) door. From $94.

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