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Blue Light and Early Death

Have you heard the scary news on blue light shortening life spans? Researchers found that fruit flies that were exposed to blue LED light for 12 hours each day lived shorter lives compared to flies that lived in complete darkness or those that were exposed to light with blue filtered out.

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Here’s what I’m doing about this to mitigate these potential risks, should they also be true in humans.

1) Start wearing these super chic glasses (hehe) that block blue light. Although the new study suggests risks even when the lights aren’t shining in your eyes, experts still recommend light-blocking glasses.

2) Upgrade my Kindle, which I read for at least an hour each night, to this new one that has a blue-light filter. (I’ll trade in my old Kindle to reduce the cost a bit.)

3) Set my iPhone to “night shift” mode even during the day, and set the “color temperature” to much warmer. (You’ll find the section under Settings > Display & Brightness.)

4) Get the right light bulbs. Traditional LED bulbs emit high levels of blue light, but these bulbs emit less even than you would experience during even the natural daylight hours.

If you know any other ways to avoid the dangers of blue light, please let me know.

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