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Early-Bird Giveaway: Choose Your Free Gift

We’ve partnered with three of our favorite brands to reward our early-bird holiday shoppers. The next 50 orders from our store will receive a free gift, which will be one of the following:1) A bottle of Hiya vitamins.2) A Lumion Mini Mist, which is a smaller version of this amazing stuff.3) A pouch of Serenity Kids’ newest flavor, Sweet Potato & Parsnip.In the notes section of the checkout page, please write choice 1, 2, and 3 in your order of preference, and we will add gifts until we run out.
Please note: These gifts will only be included in orders that we ship from our warehouse (so no mattresses, air filters, rugs, or other big items), and we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive your first choice–we will include the vitamins, mist, and pouches until we run out of each!

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