Honest Review of Beautycounter Anti-Aging Products

Above is a photo of my nightstand, and on it you’ll see the three Beautycounter anti-aging products I’m currently putting on my skin before bed. A lot of you have written in raving about Beautycounter’s new Countertime line, so I was eager to try it myself–and to give you guys my honest review. (Spoiler: of the three you see pictured there, I love two and don’t like one.)

I’ve received a lot of comments and questions like this one from you guys.

Are Beautycounter Anti-Aging Products Good Stuff?

Before I tell you how I feel about the performance of Beautycounter anti-aging skincare products, let’s discuss the safety. There’s always a concern that for products to really work–particularly anti-aging products–they can’t also be toxin-free.

In the case of Beautycounter products, they are, miraculously, both effective and safe. Beautycounter managed to find an alternative to retinol, which is definitely toxic but also undeniably effective, in the form of plant-based bakuchiol.

The Beautycounter anti-aging line contains some ingredients that I can’t call Good Stuff, like phenoxyethanol, and I wish they were organic. However, most of my readers who are my age (myself included!) are tempted to try traditional retinols or even Botox to fight aging skin, and Beautycounter has come up with an unquestionably safer option.

Beautycounter Anti-Aging Products I’ve Tried

Here is a list of what I’ve tried so far, and my honest assessment of each one.

1. I use this peel three nights a week. It really works as well as more expensive (including the more toxic) ones. I’ve been using this for months, and it is legitimately brightening and softening my skin. This one gets a thumb’s up.

2. I recently started putting on this peptide cream on before sleep, too. I actually don’t use the cream on the nights I use the peel mentioned above, because I find that it doesn’t absorb as well when applied over the peel. There’s nothing I find more annoying than cream that kind of balls off when you rub your face afterwards.

3. I’ve also recently started using this eye cream, but it kind of does the rolling off thing mentioned above. I know some of you love it, though, so I’m going to keep using it to see if it helps with fine lines.

My Honest Review of Other Beautycounter Products

In addition to the above Beautycounter anti-aging products, here are some other Beautycounter things I’ve tried, and whether I’d recommend them or not:

  1. Cleansing Balm. This was the first Beautycounter product I ever tried, and it lives up to the hype. Enthusiastic thumb’s up!
  2. Brightening Facial Mist. I’m not a fan of this one; it sits on my skin in an almost soapy way, rather than seeping in.
  3. Calendula Lip Conditioner. This little tub will last literally years, and it’s hands-down the best lip balm/gloss I’ve tried.
  4. Sheer Lipstick. This is my favorite lipstick, and I love the Twig color best of all.
  5. Lengthening Mascara. I love all the Beautycounter mascaras, but the lengthening formula is my favorite.
  6. Cream Cleanser. This is one of my favorite before-bed face cleanser, and it removes makeup quickly without any tight or dry sensation.
  7. Nourishing Day Cream. I don’t find this daily cream to absorb well, so I used up my bottle and then didn’t reorder.

Please comment below with which Beautycounter products you love (or hate!).

Stay sane,





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Maia James

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  • Hi! I'm using retinol now and was wondering what toxicities it has. My impression was that if you're not pregnant and never wear it out in the sun, it's okay? Just wondered what you've dug up!


  • I started using BC when it first came out. I like the overnight resurfacing peel and calendula lip conditioner, too. I also use the cleansing balm for eye makeup because I got it free. It kind of bothers my eyes when it gets in them, and I'm concerned it will make me break out if I use it all over my face.
    Have used the rejuvenating night and eye cream for years and like it, and it's not heavy, but just right. I also use the rejuvenating cleanser. I have the cream cleanser but I use it in the winter when it's dryer with heat on. The rejuvenating one is my go to.
    I recently tried the whole regimen of natural retinols and it "balled up" at night and I also could not get my makeup on over it, even if I waited an hour, (and I don't use that much makeup.) The whole routine was just too heavy and too time consuming, and I didn't like the gunky feel from too much product, even though I used it conservatively.
    The cleanser in that line was probably a main culprit because it's more of an oil, so I'd use it to remove makeup and then have to wash my face with another cleanser to feel clean. The night cream was so heavy that I felt like I'd break out, so I used it on my neck. My face just felt gunky overall, so I sent it back. If you have any thoughts on how to use part of that regimen without the "balling up," I'd be interested.

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