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Natural Dish Soap–Does Anything Actually WORK?


If an all-purpose cleaner doesn’t work very well, it’s kind of hard to tell, right? The same could be said for wood cleaners or even toilet bowl scrubs. But when you use a natural dish soap and find yourself smearing oily water around a pan, the lack of chemical grease-cutters is annoyingly apparent. I used to think Seventh Generation dish soap was a decent choice, but then I learned more about the ingredients and deemed in Sneaky Stuff. (The list of Sneaky dish soaps is LONG, let me tell you).

With fewer and fewer truly safe options to choose from, and more and more dishes to wash, I turned to a bar soap made by one of my favorite natural-product lines, Tandi’s Naturals. We sell this soap in our online store and customers really like it, especially those of you who are better environmentalists than I am (zero plastic!). But here’s a confession that I probably shouldn’t make since I’m selling the soap: I don’t love it. It DOES work as well as Seventh Generation dish soap if you generously load up a nice clean sponge…but I really missed liquid formulas and their ability to produce a big fluffy sink of suds.

So, I cheated on Tandi’s bar dish soap and started using one of the very few other safe options out there: Eco-Me Suzy Dish Soap. And much to my surprise, this stuff REALLY works. Like, maybe (almost) as well as Dawn. So now we are selling it in our store. Try it and tell me if you agree that it’s the best natural dish soap out there.

Read more about dish soaps (the Good, the Bad, and the Sneaky) in our Safe Dish Soap Guide.

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6 responses to “Natural Dish Soap–Does Anything Actually WORK?”

  1. Hello Maia,
    Can Dr Bronner’s Castile 18-in-1 soap be used as a Dish soap and hand soap at the same time? Is this soap actually safe? I was thinking of using it as a Cloth Detergent as well, I read that this soap has many uses. Please reply, thank you 🙂

    1. It’s safe (although I’m not sure how effective) 🙂

  2. Hi there you didn’t list any good product for dishwasher detergent.what soap is safe? I use my dishwasher everyday.

    1. Hi Tiffany-
      We haven’t yet completed a safe dishwasher detergent guide, but I am using this: http://amzn.to/1RVDdSa

  3. Can we be absolutely certain EcoMe by Suzy does not contain the preservative MCI/MI. I have acquired serious allergy. It’s complicated but I must avoid this ingredient no matter what. Ugh! As always, thanks!

    1. In your case, Carolyn, I would definitely contact Eco-Me to make absolutely sure.

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