Mattress Safety Review & Shopping Guide Is Here at Last!

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savvy_rest_mattressWhew! Mattresses were by far the most confusing, most challenging research project we’ve ever taken on. Our brand new Mattress Buying Guide & Safety Review (for both adult and crib mattresses) represents a major trip out of our comfort zone, into a land of polybrominated diphenyl ethers, confusing certifications (many of which are meaningless), and numbingly boring material safety data sheets.

We looked into dozens of mattresses that claimed to be natural, and we annoyed manufacturers by asking questions like, “are the oils used to make your latex foam cold-pressed or chemically extracted?” We added more than a dozen new terms to our glossary (a little light reading on volatile organic compounds, anyone?), and we provide lots of links where you can learn more about why having a truly natural mattress is so important.

As always, we did all this work so that you don’t have to. For the bottom line, zip on down to The Good Stuff…and then get ready to plop down $500 for a crib mattress or $3,000 for a king-sized one.

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Mattress Shopping Guide

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