Detox Your Home in 4 Weeks: A Good Stuff Guide



What Makes This Good Stuff


Creating a safer indoor environment for your family just got much easier.

Did you know that the quality of the air outside your home is probably less toxic than the quality of the air indoors? This holds true even for those of living in toxic cities!

Maia James’s first e-book, Detox Your Home in 4 Weeks, takes the daunting task of cleaning up your living space and breaks it down into manageable, affordable chunks. The best part? You’ll be done in less than a month!

This quick-start guide–full of checklists and shopping lists–will walk you through a simple four-week program so you know exactly what do to, how to do it, and which truly non-toxic products you should buy.

What’s Inside the Home Detox Guide:

  • Easy, step-by-step instructions for detoxing the areas of your home where the largest concentrations of toxins are lurking. You will do all this without replacing the furniture or throwing away all the toys!
  • Simple checklists that break the home detox down by priority. You’ll tackle the most important clean-ups first. Best of all, each week entails no more than four easy steps.
  • Extra-credit tasks each month for those of you who have done the basics and want to take it to the next level.
  • The shopping guides people rely on us for. You’ll get curated lists of products from lip balm to toilet cleaner–all of which meet our strictest standards for safety and effectiveness.
  • A special offer for a whopping 50% off our personalized consulting services.

Who This Guide Is For:

Maia created this e-book for:

  1. Those of you beginning your quest to detox the products in your home. If you’re overwhelmed, this guide will be a life-saver.
  2. Those who have begun replacing the Bad and Sneaky Stuff with the Good Stuff but gotten stuck or fatigued. This shopping lists included in the guide will make swapping out your products a snap!

Want a safer home, a healthier family, and peace of mind? Let’s get started! (The downloadable guide will become available after payment is processed).





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