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Why it’s Good Stuff

Molded Latex

If you’re fussy about your pillows and also want them to be non-toxic, these pillows are for you. All organic latex has a lot of benefits:  it’s resilient and long lasting, remaining perfectly fluffed and lofty no matter how many times you use it; it’s hypo-allergenic as well as dust mite and moisture resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers; and it doesn’t heat up overnight. But the best thing about Soaring Heart’s Natural Latex pillows is how comfortable they are.

Thick and supple, Dunlop latex contours to your neck, gently lifting and supporting your head at the proper elevation, and helping to keep the neck and head aligned with the spine. And since latex has a naturally open cell structure, it does not retain body heat the way memory foam does, letting you sleep easier and more comfortably.

Comfort is king, but the other natural advantages of latex are hard to ignore. Latex pillows are the most durable pillows and will provide you with long lasting comfort you can count on. You will have the same pillow every night, night after night—and never have to fluff it or shake it out. The Natural Latex pillow is made with soft, springy latex, which makes it perfect for side sleepers and back sleepers alike.

This pillow includes a removable washable cover.

Shredded Latex

The Organic Shredded Latex Pillow has fast become a favorite and one of Soaring Heart’s top sellers. One of the advantages of a latex pillow is that it will never change its shape. However, to people who like to fluff and mold their pillows, the ergonomic and natural latex pillows leave them wanting. The Organic Shredded Latex Pillow is the best of both worlds: shredding the wonderful 100% GOLS certified Dunlop latex (the same latex used in Soaring Heart’s Signature Mattresses) gives you the perfectly scrunch-able, malleable pillow they want with all the lasting hypo-allergenic, moisture and mildew resistant, benefits of latex.

Note: All pillow sales are final.

A Bit More About Soaring Heart

Since 1982, Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company has been making mattresses and bedding using time-tested techniques, honed and polished over three decades. Everything is made by hand and uses only the highest quality materials available, sourced locally and sustainably. Soaring Heart works closely with all of their suppliers, getting to know them and their product,  collaborating so they can meet and exceed their exacting standards.

No Soaring Heart product has any synthetics, any chemicals, or any fire retardants whatsoever.


This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take up to 6 weeks to arrive (although often much less!).

Returns/Exchanges: Before placing your order, please read Soaring Heart’s return policy here.

Additional Information


Standard Shredded Latex, Standard Molded Latex


1 review for Soaring Heart Organic Latex Pillows

  1. AB (verified owner)

    I wanted to like this pillow but it didn’t work for me for three reasons:
    1) It arrived with a terribly strong smell. I was quite disappointed that a natural product smelled so horrible. I had to throw it in the closet for 9 months before the smell dissipated enough to attempt to use it. I was much better off with the cheap allergy pillows from Target.
    2) It is way too big. It is uncomfortably large for back and slide sleeping. About the only thing it was the correct size for was elevating my arm after surgery (after the 9 month air out). I didn’t attempt to remove any of the shredded latex because of issues #1 and #3 but there is a zipper so you easily can if needed.
    3) I concluded I must be allergic to this kind of latex. I’ve never had an issue with latex in bandaids and gloves so this was unexpected. I cannot use this pillow but I guess it’s better to waste $100 figuring that out versus the thousands I was going to spend on a non toxic mattress with latex.

    It is very firm and supportive so this might work better for others, especially if you remove some stuffing and aren’t sensitive to smells.

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