Tandi’s Naturals Siberian Fir Tallow Soap

Cocoa butter in this soap adds extra nourishment for the skin, and Lancaster County tallow lends a creamy lather to this long-lasting natural bar. Great for all skin types.



Product Description

If you love the scent of the forest, this Siberian fir bar soap is for you. There is a touch of sweetness to its sumptuous, balsamic aroma, and sea clay, which is very rich in trace minerals, gives this soap a gorgeous green color. Cocoa butter adds extra nourishment for the skin, and Lancaster County tallow lends a creamy lather to this long-lasting bar. Great for all skin types.

How to Use This Siberian Fir Bar Soap:

Each hand cut bar is approximately 4.25 oz. Lather generously on hands or a clean wash cloth. Locally sourced tallow creates a creamy, foamy lather. Appropriate for all skin types.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Lancaster County tallow, coconut, olive, castor, and cocoa butter; pure essential oils of fir needle, atlas fir, and cedar; sea clay, and rosemary oil extract

All Tandi’s Naturals products are 100% natural, and ingredients are locally sourced from Lancaster, PA. All of Tandi’s soaps are processed entirely by hand from start to finish. From measuring ingredients to putting the labels on the jars and bars, it’s all done by hand. All Tandi’s soaps are made from food-grade oils and all-natural ingredients. Because our soaps are hand made, please note there may be slight variations in shape, size, and color from bar to bar. Please note that the hand cut wrapping may vary slightly from what is depicted in the product image.

Additional Information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 in

Saponified oils of Lancaster tallow, coconut, extra virgin olive, castor, and cocoa butter, water, sea clay, essential oils of fir needle and atlas cedar, raw sugar, tussah noil silk fiber, rosemary oil extract



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