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Toxin-Free Grandparenting: How to Support Your Children & Protect Your Grandchildren’s Health

Written by Suzanne, AKA “Nana”

This post is for all of the conscious grandparents out there – the ones trying to navigate this world of natural living so that a non-toxic lifestyle can be passed down to future generations!

Of course, parenting has changed over the decades and will continue to evolve. What we thought was safe and healthy for our children may be very different from what our own children think is best for their kids.

Perhaps you, like me, are a 1970s hippie who has been making organic smoothies for half a century. Or maybe your child is the one who has introduced you to a more holistic lifestyle. Maybe your daughter freaked out when you gave your granddaughter a plastic toy or your son quietly returned the non-organic crib sheets you sent his new baby.

Either way, we can help you!

Gimme the Good Stuff is a multi-generational company, and as a grandmother myself, I can imagine how sudden demands to be more “conscious” could seem overwhelming.

If you have any inclination to learn more from a fellow grandparent and “wow!” your children by being the hippest grandma on the block, here are some ideas.

Top 10 Natural Grandparenting Tips

1. Create a non-toxic sleep environment in your home.

Children spend so much time in their beds–even when visiting their grandparents–and non-toxic bedding, especially crib or twin-sized mattress, ensures that they won’t be exposed to a range of scary toxins. Learn more in our mattress guide.

Moby BabyHawk Meh Dai – Peacock

2. Wear your grandchild.

Carrying babies is so much better for their developing brains than putting them in chairs and strollers. It provides other health benefits for both the baby and parent (or grandparent!), while also limiting baby’s exposure to outside toxins. I remember singing and reciting poems to my first grandchild when I “wore” him around the neighborhood in this carrier.

3. Invest in a water filter for your home.

There are so many nasty chemicals in most tap water, and a robust water filter protects your grandchildren from chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals.


4. Opt for natural laundry products.

If you make the switch to natural laundry soap and dryer balls and sheets, your kids will be thrilled to do a load of laundry when they are at your house. (Wait, maybe you don’t want that?!).

5. Buy your grandkids organic clothing.

Skip polyester and other synthetic materials, and instead choose all natural fibers–preferably organic–when buying clothing or swaddles for your grandchildren.

6. Don’t wear perfume around your grandchildren.

Unfortunately, perfume is full of phthalates. I can always tell when a scented caregiver has snuggled a baby because the scent will linger on their little fuzzy heads! Instead, opt for alternative fragrances like all-natural lotions, balms, essential oils, and soaps.

Begin Again Bathtub Ball - Shark Tank | Gimme the Good Stuff

7. Avoid plastic toys.

Most plastic toys contain an assortment of toxins like chlorine and PVC, which can be harmful when babies invariably use all toys as chew toys! (Not to mention the environmental impact of mass-producing all those plastic toys!) Instead, consider gifting your grandkids higher-quality, non-toxic toys. Check out our Non-Toxic Toy Guide for suggestions.

Fe in bath

8. Upgrade bathtime.

Treat yourself and your family by investing in conscious bath and body products. Our Safe Product Guides provide tons of product options for bubble baths, shampoos, soaps, and bath toys to provide quality bath and body care, as well as some peace of mind knowing bathtime is chemical free.


9. Make Screen-Time Safer

For your children and grandchildren using tablets, iPads, smartphones, and other screen technology, investing in screen protectors that shield radiation will offer a drastic decrease in the amount of EMFs (electromagnetic radiation fields) they are exposed to.

10. Make Mealtime Healthy.

Your kids will undoubtedly applaud you if you offer their children veggie-heavy snacks and healthy desserts, ideally using organic ingredients. Garner bonus points by sending home leftovers in plastic-free food storage containers.

Are You a Natural Grandparent?

Okay, grandmas, I want to hear from you! What other steps have you taken to be a conscious grandparent?

And parents–what other things do you WISH your parents would do to give you peace of mind about your children’s health when they are with their grandparents?

Please share below!

To your health,

Suzanne's signature




P.S. Let’s not forget that studies show that simply being in each others’ company is healthful for both grandparents and grandchildren.

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