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Bring Herbal Medicine Out of the Cupboard and into Everyday Life

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Written by Suzanne, Chief Health Officer and Resident Grandmother

My health coaching clients often ask me about adding supplements to their diet, and as a routine, I don’t recommend them. This isn’t because I am against supplements categorically, but I resonate more with Michael Pollan’s philosophy on health: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.”

I have a lot of respect for science, but I think that it can be hard to transfer laboratory science into healthy ways to feed our bodies. I feel healthy when I eat a meal of fresh, whole food from a farm; I don’t necessarily feel healthy when I reach for a bottle of vitamins made from combinations of isolated chemicals in a lab. (Here’s more on how we feel about vitamins and what’s the Good Stuff).

A Non-Supplement Supplement: Urban Moonshine

So while I don’t usually take much in the way of pill-form supplements or vitamins, I do love the idea of using plants to support everyday health and wellness, just like I use food to support my health.

My favorite plant-based supplement line is Urban Moonshine, which we are now carrying in the new Herbal Apothecary section of our online store. Urban Moonshine’s mission is to bring herbal remedies out of the cupboard, onto the counter, and into everyday life.

Guido Mase, chief herbalist at Urban Moonshine, is a clinical herbalist, educator, and author of The Wild Medicine Solution. Several years ago, I consulted with Guido, and was so impressed by his expertise.

Urban Moonshine draws from traditional herbal medicine, which recommends using three simple classes of plants daily as part of your eating and drinking:

  • Aromatics, which we often use in our kitchens, open and relax us. These include ginger, garlic, peppermint and more.
  • Bitters, which are often lacking in our modern diet, stimulate digestion and improve the function of the liver.  These include dandelion, burdock, and orange peel, among others.
  • Tonics, such as reishi mushroom and astragalus root promote overall health. NOTE: Tonics are NOT for use during pregnancy.

Urban Moonshine from Gimme the Goof Stuff

How I Use Urban Moonshine Tonics

With four grandchildren, I need to keep my immune system strong. Tonics are a great way to do this. I also take digestive bitters, because I am convinced that good digestion is the key to good health. I have been very pleased with both products, and therefore, decided to offer them to our customers. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ve been religiously taking the immune tonic while taking care of sick grandkids since the school year started (including several nasty colds and a stomach bug), and I have yet to get so much as a sniffle!

If I become ill, I will turn to the herbal remedies that offer immediate relief, such as the Immune Zoom Elderberry, Clear Chest Syrup-Bronchial Support, Aller-Blast Healthy Eyes, Nose, Sinus, and Throat Spray. (These are for immediate need rather than preventative use.)

Feel free to contact me with questions about our Herbal Apothecary and don’t take my word for it–try some Urban Moonshine yourself!

Be well,
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before use.


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