2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Maia James



Updated: 05/15/2024

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Eventually, this post will include 189 ideas to cover gifts for everyone we can think of. Every item in the 2023 Holiday Gift Guide has been carefully selected (by me personally!) with the well-being of both the recipient and the planet in mind. I think that the following Good Stuff not only can inspire a healthier way of living, but also make for truly heartfelt and unexpected gifts.

Some of these items are offered in our online store, and if not we’ve included links to purchase. In some cases, we may earn a commission for the referral, but the price is always the same for you. Thank you for supporting our store, and the brands we love!

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Gifts for a Host(ess)

  1. Wildflowers Grow Kit – Low-maintenance bundle that’s perfect for beginners and green thumb enthusiasts alike. $85
  2. Stainless Steel “Rise” Mug – Generously sized, with ergonomic contours and a nature-inspired tonal color palette. $33
  3. Super Soft Organic Cotton Throw – The perfect balance of weight, warmth, and softness. $158
  4. Mocktails in a Can – Booze-free cocktails for an alcohol-free way to unwind. $40
  5. Organic Holiday Wines Collection – Create your box of 3 or 6 delicious, clean, low-alcohol reds. $128
  6. Farmhouse Berry Bowl – Artisan handmade berry bowl to clean fresh fruit and store in the fridge. $88
  7. Organic Chocolate Collection – Pack of 10 organic, superfood dark and milk Ecuadorian chocolate bars. $75
  8. Bakeware Measuring Spoons – A beautiful set made of lead-free pewter. $70
  9. Raspberry Almond Cookies – Oat and spelt cookies sweetened with just with organic maple syrup and fruit-sweetened raspberry jam. $6
  10. Wonder Oven – A 6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven, made of steel and toxin-free, non-stick ceramic. $195
  11. Porcelain Oyster Plate – A beautiful, Victorian-inspired dish for serving oysters on the half shell. $112
  12. Cool Aloe Mist – Multi-purpose facial product that restores and protects the skin. $30
  13. Premium Cleaning Starter Kit – Whole home cleaning kit full of non-toxic cleaning supplies. $75
  14. Medicinal Olive Oil – The purest and most potent high-phenolic olive oil on the market. $35
  15. Jasmine Rose Hand Cream – Repairs dry skin with rejuvenating organic botanical ingredients. $17
  16. Handmade Cutting Boards – Handmade in Lancaster, PA, from solid wood. $99
  17. Set of 4 Dip Bowls – Chic, low-edged dishes for oils, nuts, or seasonings. $44
  18. Soaking Salts Quartet – Small-batch soaking salts made with essential oils to soothe and relax aches and pains. $88
  19. Two-Quart Tea Kettle – An 100% pure ceramic for perfectly brewed cup of tea or pour-over coffee. $135
  20. Winter Scented Soap – A certified organic bath bar to bring a scent of calm and relaxation. $18
  21. Laundry Ball & Fiber Catcher – When tossed in the washing machine, prevents microfibers from getting into our waterways. $42

Gifts for Women

  1. Defender Shield Sleep Mask – 100% blackout plus protection from radio frequency to promote better sleep for sensitive individuals. $45
  2. Age Delay Set – Maia’s favorite potent night and day serum combination offers powerful, science-backed anti-aging benefits for all skin types. $250
  3. Upgraded Red Light – The latest from our favorite brand of certified red light devices, with an incredible 11 different therapy modes you can control from your phone. Use code GIMME5 for 5% off. From $549
  4. Eau De Parfum Duo – Two subtle, unique scents that are EWG-Verified and safe for sensitive skin. $55
  5. Organic Yoga Bolsters –  Sewn from organic cotton and stuffed with hypoallergenic kapok fiber. $98
  6. Hair Growth Serum – A clean, vegan hair-growth product with rave reviews from women saying it made their hair thicker, fuller and healthier.  $64
  7. Pointed Toe Flats – The classic sustainably-made shoes from Rothy’s, designed for all-day comfort. $155
  8. Keyhole Bra – The only bra Maia wears, in organic cotton and with wireless all-day support. $62
  9. Matcha Starter Kit – 100% organic powder, with spices and mushrooms, and including a rechargeable brother. $60
  10. Forrest Mushroom Yoga Mat – Made of sustainably harvested natural rubber tree cork, and perfect for the mushroom lovers in your life. $102
  11. Cheeks & Lips Gift Set – Maia’s favorite multi-purpose beauty product, in three party-ready hues wrapped in a beautiful gift box. $48
  12. Radiation Protection Beanie – It’s certainly cuter than a tinfoil hat to protect against EMF. $65
  13. Deep Moisture Cleansing Balm – Maia’s favorite decadent cleanser and makeup remover made with shea butter for dry, sensitive skin. $42
  14. Cashmere Trousers – Undyed, environmentally friendly pants that are light, soft, warm, and can be paired with a matching sweater, . $299
  15. Puffer Jacket – Made entirely from non-toxic, recycled plastic bottles. $258
  16. Smooth Hair Discovery Kit – Includes four refillable travel-sized essentials from Maia’s new favorite haircare brand, to cleanse, treat, protect, and style fine, flat, or gray hair. $29
  17. Facelift Routine Kit –  Microcurrent toning device and serum that has rave reviews and incredible clinical results (Maia just got one!). $399
  18. Natural Moisturizing Bundle – She can choose from a rich butter, smooth ointment, or a lighter oil depending on the needs of her winter skin. From $34
  19. Dermaplaner Kit – Maia’s favorite zero-waste dermaplaning kit for removing peach fuzz, maintaining brows, and exfoliating skin. $64
  20. Blackhead Remover Set – For safer squeezing, a two-piece blackhead remover set to gently remove skin impurities. $40
  21. Cozy Coatigan – Topping Maia’s own list, with a long, relaxed silhouette in a supersoft, sustainably-sourced merino blend. $249

Gifts for Kids

  1. Orchard Board Game – A classic German cooperative game, where the children try to pick the fruit from the trees before the raven can steal them. $50
  2. DIY Lip Balm Kit – Everything kids need to make their own all-natural lip balm. $28
  3. Organic Cotton Doll – With lifelike details in a variety of skin tones and outfit options. $44
  4. Classic Rain Boots. Made of real rubber instead of vinyl, and available in 11 fun colors. From $65
  5. Monster Away Pillow Spray – Made with essential oils that can help quiet busy thoughts, nervous feelings, and restlessness. $15
  6. Non-Toxic Finger Paints – Food safe ingredients provide an all-natural, fun-filled and colorful adventure. $19
  7. Climbing Triangle – Made of solid hardwood to encourage movement and exploration for toddlers and preschoolers. $230
  8. Wooden Music Box – Made of beechwood and eco-friendly paints, and with gentle and soothing music to lull kids to sleep. $50
  9. Floral Oven Mitts – Made of 100% cotton and with a sweet petite floral pattern. $30
  10. Balance Bike – Kids up to 65 pounds can gain confidence without pedals or training wheels. $110
  11. Tea Set – Includes a teapot, a tea bowl, two tea cups, and a tray, all made of chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments, and water-based dyes. $40 
  12. Wooden Work Bench – Kids as young as three will love to practice being a craftsperson with this play set. $150
  13. Insulated Twist Cap – Stainless steel sport bottle and insulated cup, available in six fun patterns. $30
  14. Happy Hair Day Collection – Carefully formulated with plant ingredients for a complete routine to care for a child’s hair and scalp. $79
  15. Stainless Steel Bento Box – With three roomy compartments to fit a full sandwich and two sides. $40
  16. Therapy Dough – Inspired by art therapists to help ease tension and create a calming sensory experience, now in two naturally cozy holiday scents. $25
  17. Hand Signs Wooden Alphabet Letters – A 26-piece wooden set that features an impressed lower case letter and corresponding American hand sign language picture. $40
  18. Silk Sword & Shield Bundle – Made from 100% pure mulberry silk in beautiful rainbow colors. Use code GIMME10 for 10% off. $42
  19. Wooden Ice Fishing Game – Children must try to catch the fish by moving the Eskimo around the icecap. $30
  20. Wooden Train & Bridge Set – Ninety-five pieces, all crafted from the highly renewable rubber tree wood and painted with water-based stain. $120 
  21. World Map Pouf –  A soft earth globe for kids to explore, as well as a seating surface at play time. $199

Gifts for Men

  1. Colostrum + Superfood Performance Powder– Delicious chocolate blend for refueling lean muscle, strengthening immunity, and powering endurance. $80 
  2. Canvas Sneaker – Triple-stitch organic cotton with natural rubber sole. $89
  3. Holiday Hangover Set – Full-Spectrum CBD gift set from one of very few brands we trust for purity and potency. $205
  4. 6-Player Croquet Set. Crafted from northern New England hardwood. $595
  5. Portable Pizza Oven – With a family-safe silicone jacket, retractable legs, and the ability to reach 950 degrees, enabling him to make restaurant-quality pies in his backyard. $499
  6. Louis Pierre Men’s Set – This set consists of full sizes of a four-part regimen designed to address issues specific to men’s skin health. $200
  7. Safety Razor – With an eco-friendly bamboo handle that is water and splinter resistant. $22
  8. Chanukah Pajamas – Made of organic cotton and available in matching styles for the whole family. From $24
  9. Portable Grill – With powder coated steel, porcelain enamel firebox, and a bamboo cutting board. $199
  10. Shaving Bowl Gift Set – Moisturizing shaving soap and olive wood brush nestled in a beautiful wooden shaving bowl. $60
  11. Organic Cotton Towels – GOTS-certified for a softly nubby texture. Starting at $14
  12. Family Dinner Skillet – With a smooth, pre-seasoned cooking surface, a traditional stout handle, large pour spouts, and a lightweight yet strong construction. $275
  13. Farmstead Vegetable Grower – A self-watering, self-fertilizing solution for growing vegetables at home. $699
  14. Portable Induction Cooktop – Powerful, stylish, and simple to use. $199
  15. Oversized Cashmere Hoodie – An upgrade that’s supremely soft and comfortable to wear. $319
  16. Espresso Candle. With premium extracted essential oils from the coffee arabica plant. $20
  17. Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag. Equipped with slots for a laptop, phone, note pads, water bottle, and pens, and handmade in an ethical factory in León, Mexico. $180
  18. Lid Organizer – A game changer in my own home! Save space in your cabinet and keep all your lids organized.  $43
  19. Boxer Briefs – Pack of 4 in breathable organic cotton and a variety of styles and colors. $48
  20. Organic Coffee in Compostable Pods. Individually packaged in a certified backyard compostable, nontoxic pouch that is nitrogen flushed and sealed to eliminate oxygen, which means they’re fresh for a whole year. $33
  21. Minimalist Skincare Set. For those who like just the barest of essentials, in four subtly sexy scents. $24

Gifts for Babies

  1. 5-Piece Skincare Set – Organic skincare for baby in a 100% recyclable cardboard gift box. $26
  2. Waffle Baby Blanket – Woven from OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, and ideal for the crib, stroller, or a trip to the park. $59
  3. Baby Travel Kit -All of baby’s skincare necessities, conveniently shrunk down to TSA-friendly travel sizes. $23
  4. Upcycled Rubber Placemat – Plastic-free and can be folded for on-the-go meal time. $15
  5. Organic Cotton Fleece Gown – Transitions to a tunic and then a top to maximize value, extend wear time, and reduce waste. $42
  6. Wooden Activity Walker – Filled with fun games to stimulate the senses and awaken curiosity. $49
  7. Stainless Steel Rattle – With a pleasant jingling sound and a cool, shiny texture. $25
  8. Guacamole Toy Set – Guacamole veggies in organic cotton form, delivered in a reusable muslin gift bag. $52
  9. Silicone Toddler Spoons – Made with European-grade silicone in a chunky size for clumsy hands. $5
  10. Stainless Steel Infant Bottle  – Grows with your child as it easily converts into a sippy cup or a small water bottle. $17 
  11. Organic Cotton Chime Ball – With super soft crinkly ears perfect for tiny hands to grasp. $18
  12. Natural Rubber Panda Teether – With a gentle textured surface to soothe and massage irritated gums. $13
  13. Rainbow Watercolor Mat – Made of natural foam with a removable fabric cover for easy cleaning. $185
  14. Rubber Fawn Toy – Made of 100% natural rubber and food-grade paint. $27 
  15. Strawberry Teether – Handmade with 100% certified food grade, non-toxic silicone. $15
  16. Silicone Bibs – Dishwasher safe, travel-friendly, and they roll up nicely to fit in a diaper bag. $7
  17. Washable Sheep Rug. Soft and plush thanks to its natural wool composition. $665
  18. Baby Animal Bodysuit Set – Designs are delicately embroidered on a set of 5 GOTs-certified organic cotton onesies. $49
  19. Faux Fur Blanket & Snuggle Sheep  – A reusable gift bag containing a super soft faux fur blanket and matching sherpa sheep toy. $77
  20. Organic Cotton Comforter – Reversible and made from the softest organic cotton. $58
  21. Music Set – Introduce the foundations of music with real instruments that are fun to play. $120

Gifts for Teens

  1. Nighttime Teen Drink – Tangy blue raspberry drink to help with stress relief and muscle relaxation. $30
  2. Spot Erasing Duo – Powerful skincare to help fade acne scars. $35
  3. Green Tea Antioxidant Mask. French clay formula targets congested pores while calming irritated skin. $23
  4. Cryo Glow Globes – Hand-blown glass globes that are chilled then used to reduce puffiness. $70
  5. Ceramic Bakers Bundle – The tools a budding baker needs to make everything from cupcakes to pies without risk of toxins. $147
  6. Microfiber Cloths for Screens – Removes smudges and over 99% of bacteria from phones and tablets with just a few swipes. $4
  7. Holiday Nail Polish Set – Loaded with rich pigments and natural antioxidants that deliver stunning chip-resistant color. $25
  8. Lip Jellies – Pocket-sized tubes that pack an ultra-glossy punch. $55
  9. All-Season Weighted Blanket – Filled with super quiet micro glass beads, and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. From $87
  10. Teenager Deo Duo. With a charcoal deodorant and coconut face and body bar. $24
  11. Body Wash Starter Set – A first-of-its-kind powder to gel body wash, which eliminates the need for single-use plastic and is a favorite of my own teenager. $15
  12. Activated Charcoal Washcloths – Made with global certified organic bamboo for stressed out skin. $50
  13. Silicone Popcorn Maker – Collapsible popcorn bowl provides the immediate satisfaction of microwave popcorn in an eco-friendly, waste-free format. $25
  14. Dewy Winter Skin Set – Clinically proven to reveal smooth, clear, and ultra-hydrated skin. $275
  15. Airplane Easy Hoodie – Made of organic cotton, and perfect for sporting on-the-go or stashing in a carry-on. $62
  16. Water Pitcher Filter – With NSF certifications, and includes a UV-C light wand to kill bacteria. $139
  17. Paint-by-Numbers Kit. With everything you need to complete a display-worthy work of art. $52
  18. Kefir Making Kit – If your teen is like mine and lives on smoothies, this kit allows him to make kefir in moments. $40
  19. Best Friend Card Game – It’s like the Newlywed Game – but for friends. $25
  20. EMF Blocking Jacket. Fully lined with advanced EMF shielding that can block up to 99% of wireless radio frequency radiation. From $239 
  21. Pore Vacuum – A super satisfying way to get rid of deep-rooted blackheads, whiteheads, and oil. $129

Gifts for Teachers

  1. Dawn to Dusk Skincare Kit – The ultimate nourishing set, which is almost to beautiful to use. $25
  2. Le Creuset Mug – A 14-ounce, colorfully glazed stoneware piece that’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. $24
  3. Calamansi Tree – The perfect houseplant (or classroom plant!), thanks to its compact size, glossy green leaves, and fragrant white flowers. $136
  4. Desktop Air Purifier – Provides efficient air cleaning through a three-stage filtration system, and is perfect for a classroom as it clears the air of viruses and bacteria. $299
  5. 12-Can Wine Advent Calendar – Low carb, zero sugar wine crafted by minority-led wineries in a fun advent calendar form. $119
  6. Unisex Waffle Robe – An airy waffle weave made of premium organic cotton. $98
  7. Complete Food Storage Set – Beautiful ceramic-coated, stackable glass containers, that can be used for leftover storage and packed lunches. $305
  8. Fresh Organic Coffee – Roasted-to-order, in a toxin-free, compostable bag. $20
  9. Organic Chocolate Bars – The cleanest way to indulge in this superfood. $7
  10. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler – A generous 10-ounce, sustainable way to take wine on the go–as we imagine all teachers do in their free time! $25
  11. Hydrating Brightening Essence – Powerful yet weightless hydration, and can be used throughout the day. $59
  12. Immune Boosting Box Tea Set – Six different organic herbal teas to support a healthy immune system. $86
  13. CBD Tinctures for Immunity – Boost your daily hemp tincture with his targeted immune system health. $24 
  14. Protein Super Bar Collection – A collection of plant-based protein bars for sustained energy. $85
  15. Indoor/Outdoor Slides – All-natural wool slippers that are lovingly handmade with a durable and eco-friendly natural crepe rubber sole. $79
  16. Flannel Sleep Set – Soft and lightweight in a beautiful ski design. $158
  17. Peanut Maple Vanilla Granola – Organic, handmade in Vermont, and sweetened with just pure maple syrup. $13
  18. Appreciation Notebook – Available as a weekly or monthly planner, and customizable with teacher’s name on the front. $18
  19. Stasher Silicone Bags – A non-toxic alternative to plastic ziplock bags, perfect for lunch packing From $10
  20. Brightening Trio – Powered by certified organic turmeric to cleanse, smooth, and nourish the skin. $72
  21. Lavender Love Gift Set – Everything needed to create an at-home luxuriating and calming spa experience. $106

Stocking Stuffers: Kids

  1. Green Merry Bracelet – Festive, stylish, and a sweet reminder to celebrate the greatest time of year. $22
  2. Santa Baby – This organic cotton lovey makes a perfect playmate. $20
  3. Relief Balm – Gives skin instant relief from bug bites, itching, inflammation, or other minor irritations. $24
  4. Electronic Device Wipes – Kids can use these oil-free device cleansing wipes to keep screens smudge, fingerprint and grime free. $24
  5. Sherpa Wash Cloths – Gentle enough on a baby’s skin for everyday use. $27
  6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars – Packing 11 grams of protein per delicious bar. $39
  7. Stainless Steel Straws – A 6-pack of toxin-free, plastic-free straws. $15
  8. Breathing Salve – Botanical oils provide natural and soothing relief for congestion and difficulty breathing caused by illness or allergies. $18
  9. Wooden Balancing Cactus – The player who can build and balance is the winner in this simple but super fun game. $12
  10. Toddler Toothbrush – Tackles the tricky age of 3 years and up, when wobbly baby teeth are starting to be replaced by sturdier adult ones. $5
  11. Tropical Dragonfuit Toothpaste – Packed full of vitamin C and perfect for children 6 months and up. $9
  12. Fantasy Face Crayon – Vegan, non-toxic, and multi-purpose. $16
  13. Grain-Free Puffs – In limited holiday edition 12-pack, and always free of grains, rice, and sugars. $66
  14. Seed Pop Trio – A playful take on a seed packet, and designed to be planted into the ground or a container. $20
  15. Purple Puree – A nutritious blend of plums, beets, spinach, and spelt. Use code GMTGS15 for 15% off. $18
  16. Elderberry Gummies – Made of real fruit and no added sugar or sweeteners. $23
  17. Elephant Teether –  Made from rock hard maple wood and natural silicone, non-splintering, and naturally antibacterial. $26
  18. Kids Daily Probiotic – Supercharged with 10 billion live cultures to support childhood immunity, gut health, and nutrient absorption. $15
  19. Non-toxic Art Bundle – Includes triangle crayons, colored pencils, dino scroll, tri-color eco-dough and beeswax candle kit. $30
  20. Baby Hat – Adorable, affordable, and made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton rib. $5
  21. Wooden Camera Toy – Encourage imaginative play for the generation who may never see this type of camera. $20 

Stocking Stuffers: Adults

  1. Deep Sleep Capsules –  Designed to optimize melatonin release throughout the night to support a natural sleep-wake cycle, from a supplement brand that tests for potency and purity. $25
  2. Beard Balm – Organic product comes in fun scents and keeps the beards in your life soft, moisturized and styled. $8
  3. Mint Lip Balm – Nourishing formula with organic coconut, jojoba, and argan, with the soothing scent of eucalyptus, sage, and mint essential oils. $10
  4. Solid Face Wash Bar – For gentle and everyday cleansing, with plastic-free packaging. $16
  5. Hydrating Lip Mask – An overnight treatment to reveal the smoothest, softest lips.  $26
  6. Christmas Essential Oils Set – Classic holiday scents to capture the essence of the season that you can diffuse or add to DIY projects. $33
  7. 7-in-1 Keychain Tool – Features a pry bar, bottle opener, small flathead driver, medium flathead driver, wire stripper, cross driver, and lanyard hole. $7
  8. Slanted Tweezers – Ideal for plucking facial hair, shaping eyebrows, and removing splinters. $20
  9. Women’s Collagen Protein – Supports women’s health including blood sugar balance, satiety, joint health, bone density, and pelvic floor health, from a brand committed to science-backed supplements. $113
  10. Can Opener – Bright red stainless steel tool with a bent corner to pry open spice tins. $12
  11. Smoothie Powder – An antioxidant-rich superfood blend that hydrates and nourishes. $30
  12. Plastic-Free Travel Cup – Made from 100% European grade silicone, with an embedded stainless steel ring to hold its shape so it won’t collapse when gripped. $26
  13. Prebiotic Soda – A plant-powered prebiotic fiber soda with only 2-5g sugar in each can that comes in a set of throwback flavors. $36 for a case
  14. Gingerbread Soft Cookies – Freshly ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, all carefully blended into grain-free cookie. $26 Use GIMMETHEGOODSTUF20 for 20% off our order.
  15. Blue Tansy Deodorant – Made with good-for-you organic ingredients and the fruity smell of blue tansy. $16 use code GIMMETHEGOODSTUF10 for 10% off.
  16. Fragrance Free Makeup Removing Balm – Plant based and unscented to gently cleanses away makeup while moisturizing the skin. $29
  17. Cymbiotic Probiotic – A favorite of Dr. Hopkins, author of our Guide to probiotics, and with 19 probiotic strains, plant-based prebiotics, and a unique blend of amino acids. $89
  18. Eyelash Curler – With very little effort, your lashes will get an uplifted ‘swoosh’ that makes eyes look big, bright, and wide awake. $24
  19. Organic Smoothie Pouch – Every packet contains two days worth of veggies, in a convenient easy-to-drink pouch. $54
  20. Toothpaste Tablets – A eco-friendly way to get your clean squeaky clean, thanks to the powerful cleaning power of charcoal. $10
  21. Veggie Brush – The perfect eco-friendly solution for cleaning your veggies and produce.  $3

Note: This article contains affiliate links or sponsored content, which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that meet our strict standards for non-toxicity and that we use (or want to use!) ourselves. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make Good Stuff! 

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