The Safe Dish Soap Guide Is Here!

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Better Life Dish Soap Lemon Mint from Gimme the Good Stuff

SeaGlass Carousel

Now in our final weeks of summer, the boys and I have been enjoying exploring the city (and still traveling every weekend!). This picture was taken at Battery Park’s SeaGlass Carousel, which was actually pretty magical, although Wolfie’s face sort of sums up the rest of the trip–it was HOT, we waited 45 minutes for pizza (and wine!), and opted for a $30 Uber-ride home after a major tantrum for a Sponge Bob popsicle completely derailed the afternoon.

Anyway, despite our busy schedule, I did manage to finish updating our Safe Dish Soap Guide this week, which I’ve been working on ALL summer!

Here’s what you’ll find in this updated guide:

  • Two new brands that I consider Good Stuff (thanks to you guys, for asking me about these and putting them on my radar!).
  • An admission about what I actually use to wash my dishes(it’s not the one I thought I would).
  • Four brands that I’m calling Okay Stuff, meaning they are better than most if you can’t find The Good Stuff.
  • A whopping 14 brands of Sneaky Stuff (again, thanks for all the questions about these brands, some of which I hadn’t heard of).
  • A few formula changes in popular brands, which means some dish soaps have switched categories since the last version of this guide (from Sneaky Stuff to Okay Stuff, or from Good Stuff to Sneaky Stuff, sadly).

So, if you want to know our opinion of the dish soaps made by Seventh Generation, Eco-Me, Mrs. Meyers, Biokleen, Better Life, Honest Company, Whole Foods, Method, Earth Friendly Products, Trader Joe’s, GrabGreen, Dapple, Attitude, Ajax, Dawn and a bunch more, check out the latest Safe Dish Soap Guide.

Stay sane,


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2 responses to “The Safe Dish Soap Guide Is Here!”

  1. Hi. Came across your site after researching ethical living and cleaning.
    I’m in the UK. Have child with immune issues, however do you know if the good stuff you advise also still able to kill off bacteria (Laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning product). Especially Norovirus.

    Do you test for bacteria?

    Much appreciated


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