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Updated Bubble Bath/Baby Wash & Soap Guide

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Some days we don’t make it to bedtime before needing a bath.

Summertime means no more skipping nightly baths here and there for my boys–they are covered in sand, playground grime, and sunscreen by midday. When your skin hits warm water, pores open and the ingredients in your bubble bath or body wash are more readily absorbed. Since kids will often hang in a bubble bath for an hour, it’s important to choose only products with no chemicals of concern.

Our updated Safe Baby Soap/Bubble Bath Guide has you covered.

In this version, we’ve added even more options for the Good Stuff (including a beef bar for Paleo enthusiasts and a bubble bath that is widely available.) We also reveals six brands that are marketed as natural and nontoxic but are anything but.

I hope this guide will help make nightly summer baths the fun and carefree experience they should be!

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