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Baby Food Purees Review

iphone-20120410215504-1We’ve at last completed the never-ending process of reviewing baby food purees.

We found only one brand of jarred food that qualifies as Good Stuff, but there is no shortage of pouches that are nutritionally sound (although I worry about the effects of the plastic packaging). Frozen baby food, while less convenient than its pouched and jarred competition, is a better bet, and there are a few good options.

Of course, the best choice when it comes to feeding your baby purees is to make them yourself, but you already knew that. I’m hoping I’ll get it together for my next baby, or better yet, that I’ll be brave enough to try baby-led weaning!



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  1. I also was looking for a reusable pouch. Are there any you recommend? Thanks!

  2. I”m looking to find a reusable pouch that is “the good stuff”. Do you consider any of these 3 to be the “good stuff”?




    Thank you!!

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