• Non-Toxic Back-To-School Supplies 2022

    Non-Toxic Back-To-School Supplies 2022

    We have lots of fun new stuff in our store this year, so read on for 12 new non-toxic back-to-school items for 2022.

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  • Natural Dish Soap Guide

    Natural Dish Soap Guide

    The vast majority of “natural” dish soaps contain a ton of chemicals that you don’t want to ingest when dish soap residue remains on dishes. This guide will help you buy the best natural dish soap–ones that work well and do not harm you or the planet.

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  • Healthiest Fruit Popsicles Guide

    Healthiest Fruit Popsicles Guide

    Making your own will result in the very healthiest fruit popsicles, especially since every store-bought one comes in plastic. Sometimes it makes sense to buy fruit pops to have on hand in the summer. Read on for our picks for the healthiest fruit popsicles you can find in a grocery store.

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  • Safe Deodorant Guide

    Safe Deodorant Guide

    The good news is that there are a ton of safe, natural deodorants to choose. They come in sticks, jars, roll-ons and sprays. And, yes, many of them actually work. Here is how to find them.

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  • Plastic-Free Product Swaps

    Plastic-Free Product Swaps

    Seven Earth-friendly swaps to consider to rid your home from plastic. (I promise, not one of these changes will feel like a sacrifice in terms of product performance!)

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  • What Are the Best Multivitamins?

    What Are the Best Multivitamins?

    For adults, there is no harm in taking a multivitamin, even if the benefits aren’t clear. In general, I recommend against giving a multivitamin to very young children, for reasons I’ll explain below. My opinion is that high-quality multivitamins for kids six and older are without risk and they may be beneficial.

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  • Fool-Proof Ways to End Mealtime Battles with Kids 

    Fool-Proof Ways to End Mealtime Battles with Kids 

    Helping your child identify the specific obstacles helps to make some small but significant shifts in the meal-time dynamic that can help bring the focus back to the joy of wholesome eating.  Here’s how.

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  • Healthy Store Bought Oat Milk Guide

    Healthy Store Bought Oat Milk Guide

    Our Oat Milk Guide will help you find the best store-bought oat milk. I prefer oat milk over many plant-based milks. The biggest problem with oat milk is that it typically has more carbohydrates and sugars than other plant-based milks.

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  • Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

    Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

    I hope that some of the 19 ideas in our Father’s Day Gift Guide will be the inspiration you need. From healthy IPA mustard to organic socks, our wellness-inspired Father’s Day Gift Guide has something for every kind of dad!

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  • Safer Summer Camp Gear 2022

    Safer Summer Camp Gear 2022

    If you’re sending your kids to day camp this year, read on for my top pics for toxin-free, Earth-friendly camp supplies in our store.

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