• Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    I love February because we get to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Every year, I pick gifts for all three of my loves. Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s gift ideas, all available in our store.

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  • Heavy Metals in Chocolate: How to Eat This Superfood Safely

    Heavy Metals in Chocolate: How to Eat This Superfood Safely

    Rich in polyphenols, dark chocolate deserves its “superfood” designation, but many of us are worried about the recent Consumer Reports that highlights the high levels of certain heavy metals in chocolate. I turned to Dr. Michael Hopkins to help me sort through the alarming headlines–and to see if there is a way to enjoy chocolate safely!

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  • 36 Ways to Have a Better 2023

    36 Ways to Have a Better 2023

    Whether you’ve already set goals for the year or want some inspiration to do so, here are some of  my favorite resources, ideas, and products for a healthy, sane 2023! If you’d like to: Eat better (or get your kids to eat better)… 1. The easiest (albeit priciest) route to a super clean diet is […]

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  • Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Last Minute Gift Ideas

    If you have a few people left to buy for, and you’d rather shop from your bed than brave the freezing, crowded streets, here are ten ideas for instant gifts from ethical brands. Happy holidays! Stay sane,

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  • Non-Toxic Holiday Decorating Ideas

    Non-Toxic Holiday Decorating Ideas

    By Suzanne, Chief Health Officer I love decorating for the holidays–and it’s entirely possible to do so with natural, non-toxic decor! Here are some of my best natural holiday decorating ideas. 1) We get a real tree. I love to go to a tree farm–preferably an organic one!– and choose a beautiful evergreen tree. Yes, […]

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  • Safe, Non-Toxic Toy Guide

    Safe, Non-Toxic Toy Guide

    Happy holidays! We hope this non-toxic toy guide is helpful for those of you looking to have a toxin-free and environmentally-responsible holiday! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure page. Skip to: Toys, like evvvvverything else, can introduce toxins into your home, to say nothing of the environmental impact of producing and […]

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  • 2022 Giving Tuesday

    2022 Giving Tuesday

    What follows are the Cyber Monday deals I will be taking advantage of–plus some others I think you guys will love, from approved brands. This post has been updated for Giving Tuesday. We are donating 10% of our sales today to Neema International. (Some of the deals below may be affiliate links, which means we […]

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  • Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

    Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

    Here are our favorite healthy Thanksgiving recipes, plus other ways to make this holiday saner!

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  • 2022 Healthy Gift Guide

    2022 Healthy Gift Guide

    As always, our holiday guide highlights dozens of unexpected, joyful gift ideas from conscious, healthy brands we love. Some of these items are offered in our online store, and if not we’ve included links to shop. In some cases, we may earn a commission for the referral, but the price is always the same for […]

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  • Non-Toxic Baby Wipes Guide 2022

    Non-Toxic Baby Wipes Guide 2022

    Choosing eco-friendly, non-toxic baby wipes is more confusing than ever with more “organic” brands than ever. Avoid wipes with “fragrance,” or any ingredients that begin with PEG–and wipes made of plastic.

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