2019 Natural Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again! We are proud of this natural gift guide, which was months in the making. We’ve beaten prior records and this year have 99 gifts to recommend at a variety of price points.

A few of these gifts area available in our online store, where we will cover shipping if you spend $50. The rest of the items on our list are available online and are all sold by companies we love and shop from ourselves.

Please comment below with your own ideas for non-toxic, natural gifts! Happy holidays!

Stay sane (easier said than done this time of year),





P.S. Here is last year’s list, for 50 more natural gift ideas.


For Your Sister, Mom, Wife, or Best Friend

Maia and Suzanne of Gimme the Good Stuff

We recommend sharing this list with your partner, too, because you’re probably going to want the following twelve gifts for yourself.

I talk about some of my favorite gifts for women in this video.

Organic Beach Towel

coyuchi organic beach towel gimme the good stuff

Made of pure organic cotton that’s skin- and sand-friendly. $98.

Coconut Water Cream

One Love_skin-dew_Gimme the good stuff

Unlike most face creams with a cult-following, this one is 100% natural and really works to renew dull, dehydrated skin. $58.

Plant-Based Meals, Delivered

Sakara Gimme the Good StuffThe ultimate wellness gift, this pretty bag includes three days of Sakara’s signature organic meal delivery program and a 30-day supply of Beauty Chocolates. $275. Sakara’s Black Friday deal is now open for my readers (ends Monday, Dec. 2nd). Use code BFMAIA for 25% off everything–including meal plans and clean boutique items!

Wellness Planner

Wellness planner gimme the good stuff

Perfect for the type A wellness junkie (hi!). $38.

At-Home Facial

Farmaesthetics Vassa Rose Skin Pefecting Collection from gimme the good stuffA 4-piece collection that delivers microdermabrasion-like results. $46.

Ceramic Storage Canisters

Le Creuset-3piece-storage_Gimme the Good Stuff

You can’t go wrong with Le Creuset, and these stackable, colorful canisters feature toxin-free silicone suction gaskets. $125 for three.

True Botanicals resurfacing-body-mask-gimme the good stuff

This lactic acid body mask gently exfoliates to rid skin of dryness, dullness, and bumps all over. $48.

Travel Tea-Infuser Mug

Grosche Chicago Travel Infuser Mug white marble from gimme the good stuff

Toxin-free, earth-friendly, and great for taking coffee to go. $29.

Fresh Flowers

Farm-direct, transparent sourcing from eco-friendly farms that minimize waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices. From $39.

Gift Certificate for Curated Collection of Natural Products


I’m biased, but I feel like maybe this is the best gift on this list?

$25.00$250.00Buy Now

For the Men in Your Life

Daylon Headshot

Be they lovers, brothers, dads, or best friends, what follows are twelve gifts that will help keep the conscious men in your life smiling and sane.

I talk about some of my favorite gifts for men in this video.

Rose Gold Straight Razor

Vikings Razor Gimme the Good Stuff

An eco-friendly alternative to disposable razors, the Cheiftan doesn’t have that little strip of toxic scented lotion that you’ll also find in disposables. $43.

Meat Subscription

butcher box gimme the good stuff

Choose from beef, pork, chicken or all three. $129 a month.

A non-toxic but (not crunchy) skincare set

beautycounter_Counterman_gimme the good stuff

Four essential men’s productspurifying shampoo, charcoal body wash, exfoliating cleanser, and oil-free face lotion. $45.

Radiation-Blocking Boxers

Belly Armour radiation Boxer_Packaging Gimme the Good Stuff

Boxers are a go-to gift, and these ones reduce radiation exposure to reproductive organs. $39.

Bone Broth

kettle and fire Beef-Front- gimme the good stuff

Full of collagen, amino acids, and important nutrients, this is the best shelf-stable broth we’ve found. $8.

 Beneficial Wool Beanie

coyuchi wool beanie gimme the good stuff

The undyed wool is directly sourced from a Northern California ranch that uses sustainable “carbon farming” practices to return more carbon to the earth than it releases. $58.

Affordable Toxin-Free Mattress

My Green Mattress from Gimme the Good Stuff

If he’s been wanting to upgrade to a truly non-toxic mattress but has sticker shock, there’s good news: My Green Mattress is now fully certified, AND they are giving our customers $125 off mattress twin or larger and 15% off Emily Crib and accessories if you use this link only. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Defendershield Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Gimme the Good StuffThese filter 99% of blue light, so he can stare at his phone before bed without ruining his sleep. $69.

CBD-Infused Muscle Salve

Good Goo Full Spectrum Joint & Muscle Hemp Salve from Gimme the Good Stuff

For a post-workout infusion of the Good Stuff. $39.

Manly Natural Deodorant

Schmidts Signature Stick Deodorant – Cedarwood + Juniper

This deodorant will convince even the biggest skeptics that natural is better than Old Spice. $10.

Maple Sriracha

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Maple Sugar Shack Sriracha Gimme the Good Stuff

This one skips the sugar but packs the sweet, garlicky heat. $9.

Frankfurt Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Grosche Frankfurt Pour Over Coffee Brewer from gimme the good stuff

A toxin-free coffee habit starts with a plastic-free (and stylish!) brewer. $99.

For Infants

newborn wolfie in diaper gimme the good stuff

Nine ideas for newborns and tiny babes, all without any plastic, polyester, or parabens!

The Prettiest Swaddles

Snuggle Me Organic Toddler Lounger Cover from gimme the good stuffEven the dye is GOTS-certified organic. $58 for a set of two.

Ultimate Baby Collection

beautycounter_ultimatebabycollection-gimme the good stuffBest-selling, toxin-free baby skincare, plus a super cute diaper bag. $162.

Alphabet Sets

They are both beautiful and educational and allow children to guess at what each letter is depicting!

Beautiful and educational nursery wall art. $33.

Organic Quilted Sleep Sack

coyuchi snuggle sleep sack gimme the good stuffWhy don’t they make this in my size? $78.

Paleo Soap

Paleo Skincare Tallow and Herb soap from Gimme the Good Stuff

A tallow bar that’s perfect for your favorite cave-baby. $10.

Eco-Friendly Newborn Bundle

Blaynk Baby Bundle Set from gimme the good stuff

Seven organic pieces, including swaddles, bibs, and burp cloths, from a 100% wind-powered production facility. $70.

“Tinfoil” Hats

BabyHats-belly-armor-gimme the good stuffOrganic cotton hats that shield EMF, because a child’s brain absorbs up to ten times as much radiation as an adult’s! $19.

Natural Baby Powder

babypowderunscented1-247×300Absorbs moisture and soothes skin without talc or fragrances. $13.

Baby Spa Set

Under the Nile Spa Gift Bag Set grey from gimme the good stuff

An organic hooded towel, wash mitt set, and sleeping doll, available in pink, blue, or gray. $77.

For Older Babies & Toddlers


Nine healthy gift ideas for babies who have learned to crawl, play, and eat!

I talk about some of my favorite gifts for babies in in this video.

First Puzzle

Haba My Day Wooden Puzzle from gimme the good stuffMade in Germany. $10.

Organic Produce

Under the Nile Baby's First Fruits & Veggies Gift Bag Set from gimme the good stuffPure cotton, and safe for chewing. $72.

Magical Silicone Cup

GoSili OH! 360 Sippy Cup 12oz. from gimme the good stuffCan be sipped from any side with no spills. $13.

Chunky Wooden Animals

Holztiger-Farm-Animals- Gimme the Good StuffMade in Germany of hard maple and beechwood, Holztiger wooden animals are colored with water-based paint and finished with a water-based sealants.

Biodynamic Baby Food

WhiteLeafProvisions_case of beet baby food pouches gimme the good stuffA perfect gift for a practical parent you know. $66 for a case of 24 assorted flavors.

Safe Toy Keys

Kleynimals-Toy-Keys gimme the good stuffGive a key-obsessed baby a safer option–free of sharp edges, lead contamination, and grime. $35.

Organic Lounger

Snuggle Me Organic Toddler Lounger from gimme the good stuffI’ve lost track of how many friends have told me that this lounger is a “life-saver.” Sizes for infants and toddlers. From $140.

Wooden Pull Toy

Haba Caterpillar Mina Pull Toy from gimme the good stuffCrawlers and new walkers love toys to push or pull, and this one is made of solid wood and water-based stains. $30.

Real Rubber Duckies

Hevea Mini Kawan Rubber Duck from gimme the good stuffNatural rubber is free of phthalates, PVC, and BPA, and these chew-safe duckies are handpainted with pure plant pigments. $15.

For Little Kids

Wolfie with Worm |Gimme the Good Stuff

No longer toddlers, but still decidedly little, kids 6 and under will any of the following eleven gift ideas.

Cooperative Game

Haba Orchard Game detail from gimme the good stuff

A game where no one loses, so no toddler tantrums will ensue. $45.

Pencil Storage Basket

Lorena Canals Basket Pencil Large from gimme the good stuff

Perfect for storing toys and school supplies. $65.

Splash Set

Splashtime_beautycounter gimme the good stuffSet includes a jumbo shampoo, jumbo body wash, and a hooded towel for kids who still love the bath. $59.

Eco-Crayon Sticks

Eco-Kids Eco-Crayons Sticks

Handmade in Maine with natural wax and mineral pigments. $20.

FoxPaw Mittens

Gray FoxPaws Mittens Dynatot_Gimme the Good Stuff


Oeko-Tex certified, and featuring a waterproof shell without PFOAs or other chemicals. $36.

Mix-n-Match Ice Cream Cones

Haba Biofino Venezia Ice Cream Cones from gimme the good stuff

Plush scoops of ice cream and cones, made in Germany. $15.

Organic Modeling Clay

Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay small from gimme the good stuff

Made in Denmark, without perfumes, dyes, or parabens. $23.

The Story of the Snow Children

story of the snow children gimme the good stuff

One of my favorite seasonal books from one of my favorite European illustrators. $10.

Organic Jammies

Dodo banana organic pajamas gimme the good stuff

A Brooklyn artist/mom just launched this new line, and I’m obsessed. $55.


Organic Waldorf Doll

She (or he!) even comes with an extra organic cotton outfit. $53.

Preschooler Backpack

SoYoung Wee Gallery Pups Toddle Backpack from Gimme the Good Stuff

A toxin-free backpack that’s the perfect size for the littlest students. $35.

For Bigger Kids & Tweens

Felix first day of 4th grade Gimme the Good Stuff

Gift-giving becomes challenging when kids stop playing with many toys, but here are ten creative, safe ideas.

I talk about some of my favorite gifts for kids in this video.

Build-Your-Own Terrarium

DIY Succulent Terrarium Gimme the Good Stuff

All the components to plant an air-purifying terrarium. $68

The 5 Jellies

Beautycounter.Jellies gimme the good stuffNaturally flavored with stevia, in Raspberry, Butterscotch, Orange Cream, Peppermint, and Sorbet. $39.

Stories for Modern Boys

Stories for Boys Book Gimme the Good STuff

Whether you’re raising sons or daughters, this book shows kids that that masculinity can mean many things. $13.

Splatter Lunch Box

SoYoung Fuchsia and Gold Splatter Lunch Box from Gimme the Good Stuff

Insulated and wipeable, but free of PVC and heavy metals. $30.

Notebook Cushions

Lorena Canals Washable Knitted Cushion Notebook from gimme the good stuff

Lorena Canals Washable Knitted Cushion Notebook from gimme the good stuffAdorable, toxin-free, and machine-washable. $59.

(That cool math rug/wall art is also toxin-free.)

Kindle without Blue Light

kindle oasis gimme the good stuffThe only e-reader with a blue-light blocking option. $250.

Auction Game

Haba Lady Richmond Auction Game from gimme the good stuff

Pay attention to the auction chaos, use your money carefully, and bid to purchase the most valuable treasures to earn the most points. $39.

Healthy Junky Cereal

Magic Spoon Cereal from Gimme the Good Stuff

If your kids beg for Froot Loops, this will be a game-changer. Keto-friendly, low-carb, no added sugar. $39 for a case.

Natural Bath Bombs

Poofy Organics Bath Bombs Gimme the Good Stuff

We’ve finally found a truly natural bath bomb, made of sugar cane, baking soda, cornstarch, cocoa butter, and essential oils. $21 for 6.

Moosewood for Kids


Honest Pretzels Cookbook Gimme the Good Stuff

Mollie Katzen’s cookbook for the 8 and older set. $13. (Her cookbook for littler kids is also awesome.)

For Teens & College Kids

gifts for teenagers gimme the good stuff

What follows are ten fun, toxin-free gifts for the notoriously hard-to-buy-for set.

latex travel pillow gimme the good stuffMade of GOLS-certified latex, this luxury pillow is perfect for first solo flights. $48.

Linen Lunch Poche

soyoung linen-cement colour block lunch poche from gimme the good stuff

A decidedly grown-up lunch box. $39.

Beauty Super Bar

Sakara BeautyBar_gimme the good stuff

A high-fiber, low-sugar bar with 12g of clean, plant-based protein that’s clinically shown to make skin look brighter and firmer. Organic strawberry and coconut lend a subtly sweet and nutty flavor. $29 for case of six. Sakara’s Black Friday deal is now open for my readers (ends Monday, Dec. 2nd). Use code BFMAIA for 25% off everything–including meal plans and clean boutique items!

Radiation Protection Phone Wallet

Defendershield iPhone X Wallet Case from Gimme the Good Stuff

Protect him from radiation and give him a place to store his cards. $75.

Sniffle Set

Farmaesthetics Sniffle Set from gimme the good stuff

A natural solution to the inevitable first-semester viruses. $42.

Natural Car Air Freshener

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

Replace the toxic tree with this kit, which includes an aromatherapy diffuser and five refill pads. $11.

Lip & Cheek Balm

Oilio e osso gimme the good stuff


A versatile, nourishing product that comes in a range of gorgeous, subtle shades. $28.

Organic Flannel Sleep Shirt

coyuchi organic cotton sleep shirt gimme the good stuff

Glittering Eyeshadow

Beauty Counter Eye_Sparklers_Gimme the Good StuffA limited edition quad of glittering eye shadow toppers–all tested for purity after production. $34.

For a Host(ess)

Joe with wine host gift gimme the good stuff

Thirteen thoughtful gifts for a wellness-minded host or hostess.

High Phenolic Olive Oil

Apollo Olive Oil from Gimme the Good Stuff

Olea True can be pre-ordered now for February delivery, and we also love Apollo oil for being as much medicine as it is a (delicious!) food. From $16.

Reusable Produce Bags

Dot & Army Reusable Net Produce Bags - Set of 3 from gimme the good stuff

Perfect for the farmer’s market or the grocery store. $24 for a set of 3.

Sugar-Free Simple Syrup

Swoon simple syrup gimme the good stuffSweetened with monk fruit, for hangover-free cocktails. $12.

Rotary Cheese Grater

Cuisinox Rotary Cheese Grater from gimme the good stuffA zero-plastic tool for fine-grinding hard cheese, nuts, or chocolate. $45.

Handmade Rainwater Soap

Farmaesthetics Bath & Beauty BarsMade with organically grown herbs, flowers, and grains to create unique textures and colors. Try Snow & Cedar for a seasonal treat! $13.

Maple Sweetened Granola

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Mighty Tasty Granola from Gimme the Good Stuff

Handmade in Vermont, sweetened with pure maple syrup, and filled with other nutritional powerhouses, like quinoa and coconut oil. $11.

Avocado Huggers

Avocado Huggers - Set of 2 from gimme the good stuffPlastic-free, and with a pit pocket that can be pushed in our out. $11 for two.

An Air-Purifying Plant, Delivered

the-sill_monstera-deliciosa_Gimme the Good Stuff

This selection of detoxing plants come in a range of sizes with pretty pots. From $12.

Healthful Popcorn Trio

Sakara Popcorn Trio Gimme the Good StuffAir popped in coconut oil, with coconut nectar as a sweetener and nutritional yeast for the cheesy flavor. $45. Sakara’s Black Friday deal is now open for my readers (ends Monday, Dec. 2nd). Use code BFMAIA for 25% off everything–including meal plans and clean boutique items!

Pie Bird

Le Creuset Pie Bird Gimme the Good Stuff

A time-honored baker’s tool, the hollow ceramic bird vents steam from the filling as it cooks, preventing the contents from boiling over. $13.

Textured Grid Kitchen Towels

coyuchi_textured_grid_organic_kitchen_towel_set_gimme the good stuff

These lightweight, organic cotton towels with a checkerboard dobby weave and yarn-dyed stripes are absorbent and super soft. $68 for 4.

Organic Wool Dryer Balls

Soaring Heart Organic Wool Dryer Balls in Basket from Gimme the Good Stuff

The perfect alternative to dryer sheets, these are reusable and cut drying time by as much as 25%. $24 for 4.

Bee’s Wrap Variety Pack

Bee's Wrap Bread Wrap from Gimme the Good Stuff

Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or cover a bowl of leftovers with this natural alternative to plastic wrap. $18 for a set of 3 sizes.

For a Teacher

teacher gifts gimme the good stuff

Ten gifts for the teacher who deserves it all.

I talk about some of my favorite gifts for teachers in in this video.

Heart Shaped Plant

Heart Shaped Plant Gimme the Good Stuff

The perfect desk-sized, hard-to-kill greenery. $21.

Fast Active ColdCare

Umcka Coldcare Cherry FastActives from Gimme the Good StuffBecause she needs a miracle cold remedy more than anyone else. $16.

Hangover-Free Wine

Because if anyone deserves a drink, it’s teachers. From $88 for 3 bottles.

Silk Weave Sleep Mask

Coyuchi sateen sleep mask gimme the good stuff

 Three hundred-thread count in a silky weave of 100% organic cotton, because your kid probably wears her out. $18.

Organic Meal Kit

sun basket gift-card gimme the good stuff

Mocha Energy Bars

Rickaroons Mocha Energy Bar from gimme the good stuffHealthy, but energy-providing enough for even a teacher. $3.

Stocking Stuffers

Ten unique, planet-friendly little gifts perfect for filling the fuzzy socks on your mantle.

Here’s a video of my favorite stocking stuffers.

Play Dough Gift Packs

eco-dough two pack

All natural, safe, and available in cute holiday colors. $8.

Propolis Throat Spray

Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Throat Spray for Kids

Tough on germs and gentle on scratchy throats. $17.

Pencils You Plant

sprout pencils gimme the good stuff

Non-toxic and biodegradable, each tip of these unique pencils contains a seed capsule. When the pencil is too short to be used, simply plant it and watch one of nine plants blossom. $13 for 5.

Sunny Gummies

rainbow-light-sunny-gummies-vitamin-d3-400-iu-orange Gimme the Good Stuff

Vitamin D that tastes like candy. $13.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balms


We’ve tried dozens, and these are hands down the best. $5.

Calendula Toothpaste

Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste

I asked my kids which there favorite toothpaste is, and they both voted for this one. $6.50.

Toxin-Free Ice Pack

soyoung modern splatter ice pack from gimme the good stuffWith a removable canvas cover. $11.

Stainless Steel Straw

Dot & Army Reusable Stainless Steel Straws from gimme the good stuff

These are particularly easy to clean. $4.

Elderberry Syrup

Andi Lynn's Pure Black Elderberry Syrup from gimme the good stuff

Tastes delicious, and clinically proven to shorten the duration of colds and flu naturally. From $14.

Rubber Bath Toys

Begin Again Bathtub Pals Gimme the Good StuffMy kids STILL play with these in the tub. $4.

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3 responses to “2019 Natural Gift Guide”

  1. Hi Maia,
    I noticed from a product review on another website that
    jack n’ Jill toothpaste now contains ‘naturally derived’ potassium sorbate, whereas it did not always. Packaging still claims the product contains no preservatives, though it is listed in the ingredient list.
    Should we be concerned? I don’t see this mentioned on the toothpaste guide for J&J. Is there a reason it is not mentioned, that can bring us peace of mind? Thanks!

    • I’m not worried about the potassium sorbate BUT I will reach out and get more info on why it’s been added…Thanks for letting me know!

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